Job Description

The CEO will render full-time, professional services to St. Vincent General Hospital District (SVGHD) in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer of the organization, including all related entities (collectively, the “Hospital”).  The CEO will faithfully, industriously and to the best of his/her ability, perform all duties that may be required by virtue of the position as CEO and all duties set forth in the Hospital’s governing laws, regulations, contracts and bylaws and in policy statements of the Board of Directors, to implement the strategic goals and objectives of the Hospital.  The CEO, with the Board Chair, will enable the Board to fulfill its governance function of the SVGHD.  The CEO will be committed to providing inspiring and effective leadership while administering, directing and coordinating all activities of the Hospital toward the fulfillment of the Hospital’s values, mission, strategy, and the achievement of its annual goals and objectives.

 The CEO will model, promote and ensure that the Hospital’s Mission, Vision and Core Values are evident and present  . 

Skills / Requirements


Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, Public Health or related advanced degree ; minimum five years successful senior leadership in healthcare , demonstrated progressive executive leadership. Critical Access Hospital experience preferred. Clinical experience preferred.

Detailed knowledge of hospital operations and how the functions interrelate. Basic understanding of physician practices and managed care organizations. Capability to understand financial systems and what information is required to aid decisions. Experience working with a special district and a Board of Directors; understanding of how they are interrelated with the Medical Staff and Hospital. Understand the impact of State and Federal health care legislative issues and stay abreast of current issues through State Hospital Associations or other mechanisms. Thorough understanding of working with accrediting bodies. Demonstrates business acumen.


The CEO should exemplify SVGHD’s Core Values as outlined below:

Patient-Centered: Embraces the standard of the patient-centered care.
Integrity: Have conviction, based on well thought-out analysis and personal strength; is able to pull upon diverse past experiences to craft novel and innovative solutions. Honest and straight-forward, given to transparency and full disclosure; respectful of others’ feelings and perspectives; able to maintain the highest level of integrity and create confidence even within those with doubts; can quickly and easily address questions of morals or ethics to guide decision making. The CEO must be able to remain fearless in doing the right thing for the patient, even in the face of strong opposition; not afraid to speak directly; comfortable in presenting a full and accurate picture of any situation.
Compassion: The CEO must be a master of communication, both verbal and written, and have the ability to have courageous conversations. He/she must be a good listener with innate empathy for differing views. The CEO must be able to communicate clearly and eloquently in order to effectively function in any setting, from a meeting with government officials or community members; to a meeting with a patient’s family; to a hallway conversation with employees.
Teamwork: Committed to inviting participation in the evaluation and planning of all major initiatives; works to build consensus and alignment. Optimizes the utilization and availability of resources, including people, capital and knowledge to achieve the objectives of the organization while fostering a culture of trust, safety. Quality, diversity and inclusion. Demonstrate cultural competency.
Unified: Clear and consistent in the delivery of the message of the SVGHD Mission, Vision and Values. Can present a strong business case for a distinct direction while demonstrating empathy for contrasting views; maintains a truly good sense of humor as a person who enjoys his/her work. The CEO is the champion of SVGHD, both internally and externally; speaks effectively to clarify and build support for the medical center in our community and in the larger arena of healthcare delivery.
Respect: The CEO is able to manage multiple priorities and demands; is a model of responsiveness from the administrative suite that is flexible, yet predictable and reliable that will reinforce trust even in times of divergent opinion. The CEO shall foster and maintain relationships and dialogue with Lake County and City of Leadville Elected Officials.
Excellence: The CEO seeks achievement beyond standard expectations. With a sense of urgency, the CEO carries an aura of success predicated on more than achievement of minimum benchmarks; innately driven to improvement and not satisfied with just compliance. The CEO is dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic in pursuit of personal and organizational goals; approaches challenges as opportunities for improvement with a contagious energy that drives the organization. The CEO can take the organization to the next step in its structure, scope, performance and quality improvement; has the ability to stay ‘ahead of the game’ by anticipating demands and constraints within the evolving healthcare industry and be able to ensure SVGHD is positioned for continued success. The CEO sponsors, champions and facilitates change throughout the organization to meet the challenges of the evolving environment of rural healthcare delivery.

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Important Notes

Achieve your personal and professional best in the rugged alpine setting and soaring mountain peaks of Leadville and Lake County, Colorado. This is where world–class athletes train and compete, vacationers seek adventure and families make lasting memories.

Combine small-town mountain life, bountiful outdoor recreation and western history, with the convenience that proximity to larger towns offers, and you have a glimpse of daily life in Lake County, Colorado.

Located only 1 hour and 45 minutes from Denver, and a short distance south of Interstate-70 on Hwy. 91 (from Copper Mountain) or Hwy. 24 (from Vail), Leadville is within an easy drive of many of Colorado’s ski resorts.

This rural hospital boasts competitive pay and benefits. A highly trained medical staff delivering medical services in the following areas: 24/7 Emergency Department and Ambulance, Acute Care, Primary Care Clinic, Laboratory, Radiology, Physical Therapy and visiting specialist clinics.

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